Each step of irrigation system installation takes thoughtful expertise, but the design phase lays the groundwork for the process. The Sanderson & DeHaan team will design an irrigation system based on the specifics of your lawn and landscape that will be reliable for many years to come.


We use a multi-step process for to create the plan for a lawn sprinkling system.

Map Your Landscape

One of our estimators will meet you at your home or business to assess your needs for irrigation for your project.  Sun/shade ratio, slope, soil conditions, and future projects all factor into the design process.

Assess Your Water Supply

Whether you will use municipal water, well water, or pump from a lake, we’ll need to find the size, psi, and flow rate information to help us set up zone capacity for your new irrigation system. The water supply metrics help Sanderson & DeHaan design a irrigation system that doesn’t overtax your water system.

Create Hydrozones

We’ll design your irrigation system to distribute water where it’s needed and in the right quantity. Zoning helps us align your water requirements to high and low sunlight areas, the trees and gardens in your yard, and the various types of soil or ground cover on your landscape.

Select Sprinkler Heads

Your irrigation system design needs sprinkler heads that deliver the right amount of water for each area of the yard. Our team will choose a combination of rotors, fixed sprays, or drip irrigation to keep your landscape healthy and beautiful without wasting water on hard surfaces.

Completed Irrigation Design

Our irrigation design consultant  takes all of the information gathered, including site measurements, and creates an optimal irrigation design that will serve your exact needs.  You can review the plan, and make adjustments if needed, then relax, and let Sanderson & DeHaan take care of the watering for you.

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