Irrigation Design

Each step of lawn sprinkler system installation takes thoughtful expertise, but the design phase lays the groundwork for the process. The Sanderson & DeHaan team will design an irrigation system based on the specifics of your lawn and landscape that will be reliable for many years to come.

Irrigation System Repair

Sanderson & DeHaan uses quality irrigation system components  that will be reliable for many years following your installation.  But over time, changes such as maturing landscape, sun exposures, and improvements like decks, pools, fences, can disrupt the system and inhibit proper operation.


Opening and closing your lawn sprinkler system properly is vital to maintaining the performance and life of the system. Let the experts at Sanderson & DeHaan make it easy to get your sprinkling system ready for the season.


Backflow refers to the mixing of contaminated water with potable (safe to drink) water. Causes of backflow include a faulty irrigation pump, inadequate water pressure, or breaks in the pipes.  Sanderson & DeHaan recommends installation of a backflow preventer system and annual backflow testing to protect your water supply.

The Standard Service Agreement includes

Most of our customers choose to sign up for our service agreement. It saves you cash on Spring and Fall Services, and you save nearly 10% on labor and materials throughout the year should you need any repairs.

Spring Start Up

Fall Winterization

We offer a pick and choose option if you would like us to only winterize, or start-up your system. As always, we are offering a two-year option for convenience, and you can lock in pricing.

A note on scheduling: We will begin start-ups the third week in April and continue until mid-June typically. In some cases, we will begin startups earlier if the weather permits. Please call our office to set up your appointment. Winterizations typically start the third week in September and continue through the middle of November. Remember it is your responsibility to schedule your start-up and winterization appointment.

To sign up for a service agreement, fill out the form below and one of our service representatives will contact you with a quote.

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Discounted Rates!

In addition to discounted rates on your startup and winterizations, our Standard Service Agreement customers will save nearly 10% on all irrigation parts and labor throughout the season.

Maximum Availability

During our operating season, our service department will be open Monday-Friday 8:00am-8:00pm, Saturday 9am-3pm, and Sunday for limited hours.


Again this year we have included an option for our customers to purchase our services for 2 years. Check the 2-year service agreement box & you won’t have to renew your SSA for 2 full seasons. Not Applicable to Gift Certificate.


Standard Service Agreements remain transferable to new owners, should you sell your home. This makes a nice selling feature for your home and adds to the peace of mind for the new owners.


We only install the best.


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