Spring Start-Up and Fall Winterization


Opening and closing your irrigation system properly is vital to maintaining the performance and life of the system. Let the experts at Sanderson & DeHaan make it easy to get your sprinkling system ready for the season.

Starting your sprinkler system at the right time and with the correct process will help maintain a healthy lawn and landscape and alert you to any needed repairs early in the watering season. Importantly, proper start-up and winterization will prevent damage to irrigation pipes and backflow devices.  

Spring Start-Up

At Sanderson & DeHaan, we treat your home like it’s ours. After pressurizing the system for the season, we’ll carefully inspect the backflow preventer or pump for proper operation. Then, we manually test each zone to verify the system is functioning properly.  If we notice any issues, we will repair recommendations,and take care of any head adjustments as well. If you need help programming your controller for the season, we can take care of that for you too.

Fall Winterization

Getting professional help with winterizing your lawn irrigation system can reduce the risk of damaged pipes and sprinkler heads in the spring. The Sanderson & DeHaan team will winterize your sprinkler system properly to protect the heads, pipes, and valves from freeze damage during the winter months

Our Standard Service Agreement includes Spring Start-Up and Winterizing services. You can select service support for one or both seasons. Please call us at (800) 489-4441 to schedule your appointments. 


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