Sanderson & DeHaan uses quality irrigation system components that will be reliable for many years following your installation.  But over time, changes such as maturing landscape, sun exposures, and improvements like decks, pools, and fences, can disrupt the system and inhibit proper operation.

Sprinkler system repairs range from minor to more complex challenges. The Sanderson & DeHaan team will assess your situation and provide a recommended repair plan.

Blocked Sprinkler Heads

New or maturing landscaping, or additional structures added to your yard can sometimes block a sprinkler head form watering as intended.   We can asses the problem and figure out a solution that will keep your system functioning properly.

Tilted or Low Sprinkler Heads

As the ground shifts during the seasons, your irrigation heads may tilt or sink, changing the water distribution. We’ll check the function of the head and make necessary adjustments to insure optimal efficiency. 

Poor Sprinkler Head Spacing

The most effective lawn sprinkling system designs use head-to-head spacing, or 100% overlap to ensure all areas get appropriate watering. If you notice a Dry spot, one or more of the sprinkler heads may need to be adjusted, re-located, or have the nozzles changed to get more uniform coverage.​

Incorrect Spray Nozzle

Sprinkler system spray nozzles can cover a 5 to 360-degree circle pattern for a variety of distances from  4 feet to 35 feet in a typical residential setting. Sanderson & DeHaan will align spray nozzles to deliver optimum coverage.

Leaks and Broken Lines

Soggy areas, reduced pressure, less water reach, or a sprinkler head that doesn’t pop up are all indicators of sprinkler system breakage. We’ll diagnose the problem and share a plan for system repairs. 

Inoperable or Stuck Zones

Zone control valves can sometimes become stuck in the open position or not operate at all for various reasons such as debris stuck in the valve, faulty or cut control wires, defective solenoids or controller issues.  Our technicians carry diagnostic tools, fault finders, and valve locators to properly diagnose and repair inop zone valves to get your system back up and running.

Broken Sprinkler Heads

Did you notice a pool or water, or worse, a geyser in your yard? You probably have a broken sprinkler headCall the Sanderson & DeHaan team to schedule your repair!

Home Improvement -Landscape Projects

Home additions, new pools, patios, drain fields, and landscape projects can render parts and in worse cases, ALL  of your irrigation system inoperable.  Our trained technicians can provide solutions and reconfigure zones to get your irrigation system back up and running at an optimum level.

Clogged Sprinkler Nozzles

When lawn debris blocks a sprinkler nozzle, you’ll notice less water or a misty spray from the sprinkler head. We’ll clean the filters and check for any damage.

Sprinkler Head Adjustments

Most sprinkler heads do not come out of adjustment once they are set.  However, there are occasions where heads may need to be adjusted to keep water off of your home or hard surfaces or directed for a more efficient use of water.  One of our technicians will be happy to assist you with your adjustments.

Improper Water Pressure

Too little water pressure, and you’ll see brown spots across your landscapeToo much pressure, and you’ll see fogging instead of lawn sprinkling. A water pressure regulator can help with high-pressure fogging, but low water takes more problem-solving skill. Our sprinkler system technicians will find the root cause and outline recommended repairs. 

No Check Valves

Many sprinkler heads have, or have the ability to accept check valves to prevent water leakage after the zone turns off.  Most check valves will stop water flowing from  an elevation change of approximately eight feet.  If you notice excess run off from a sprinkler head, you may need a new part.

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