When is the Best Time to Install a Sprinkler System in Michigan

by | Apr 2, 2024

When is the Best Time to Install a Sprinkler System in Michigan

Snow squalls are still happening in Michigan, but daffodils are springing up, and grass is starting to green. If you’re exploring when to install a sprinkler system in Michigan, our team has answers to your questions!

Should I Install a Sprinkler System this Spring or Summer?

Installing underground Sprinkler systems can happen any time of year if the ground is not frozen.

Many homeowners open their sprinkler system in the spring, however, so a spring installation may require a longer lead time. Installation schedules fill up fast, so call right away to avoid dragging hoses around another summer.

Partner with a qualified irrigation contractor to design your sprinkler system so you can have it installed before the summer draught and heat!

Fall is often the ideal season for sprinkler installations.

Can I Wait Until Fall to Install a Sprinkler System?

Fall is a great time of year to install a sprinkler system. Cooler temperatures, more rain, and softer soil during the season make digging and trenching in your yard easier for irrigation installers. Your landscape and lawn typically receive plenty of rain during the fall, and if a dry spell occurs, your plants can acclimate to the new system.

When the installation process is easy, your lawn and landscape recover faster from the intrusion.  You will typically be able to use the system for some time before winterizing for the season.  With a fall installation, you also have time to evaluate system performance and make minor adjustments to sprinkler head zones, timers, and rain sensors. Your irrigation system is optimized for the late spring and summer months when your lawn may need additional water.

A fall installation also introduces you to the winterizing and opening processes before the water-intensive months roll around.

How Can I Tell if I Need to Install a Sprinkler System?

Answering the following questions can help determine if a sprinkler system is right for you!

  1. Do you have time to manually water your lawn and landscape? Investing in a sprinkler system is a good decision if you have a busy lifestyle.
  2. If you do water your lawn, are your water bills climbing? An irrigation system will use less water and will distribute the water efficiently to optimize the benefits for your grass and plants.
  3. Do you notice brown areas or pools of water on your lawn? Sprinkler systems will deliver the water your landscape needs throughout the seasons.
  4. Are you investigating ways to add value to your home? Selecting the right sprinkler system and partnering with a professional irrigation company for installation and maintenance can improve the resale value of your property.
  5. Do you travel extensively during the summer? A sprinkler system can maintain your lawn when you’re away.

Talk with the Sanderson & DeHaan Team About Installing a Sprinkler System!

Our team of irrigation design and installation experts will answer additional questions you may have about a sprinkler system. Please call our team at (800) 489-4441 to schedule a convenient time to talk.


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